“You’ve got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that and just wail.” – Charlie Parker

Private saxophone lessons are fun and interesting whether you are an adult or a child, a beginner or an advanced player. Lessons are 1-2-1 basis, and takes 1 hour (1.5h or 2h sessions could also be arranged). During this hour we cover warming up, scales, etudes, studying pieces, improvising, learning new skills and techniques, discussing music theory. When working with children lessons also include musical games, rhythm and ear training exercises, physical exercises, breathing exercises.

During the lessons I always pay attention to your individual needs and choose the most convenient ways to answer them. Do you want to learn to play sax from a scratch? Improve your tone? Learn to read music notes? Prepare for exams? Learn to play that one tune? I will help you reach your goal.